Week 4: Let’s Talk: The Shopee x Cristiano Ronaldo Ad That Trended

Photo Courtesy of Shopee Singapore

Remember this Shopee x Cristiano Ronaldo ad? I’m sure you do. First premiered on 16 August, that ad went viral around the world from August to September. In this blog post, let’s talk about why that ad trended, in simple terms:

Cristiano Ronaldo, The Perfect Celebrity Endorser

5 times winner of the prestigious Ballon D’Or and best Fifa Men’s Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo is known to be one of the most prominent football player in history. Apart from being verified, Cristiano Ronaldo boasts an astonishing 234 million followers on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo is influential, and often seen as a sport ambassador by top retail brands such as Nike and Tag Heuer, considering the world’s total population is standing at 7.594 billion, 3% of the world follows him on Instagram! Cristiano Ronaldo instils a strong brand association and build a positive image of Shopee, he is the perfect celebrity endorser for Shopee as he has the ability to grab consumers’ (and soccer fans!) attention, drawing mass attention on the platform he is promoting for, Shopee.

Baby Shark was Trendy and Catchy

Apart from having a famous celebrity endorser, Shopee takes the production a notch higher by using ‘Baby Shark’ as the campaign jingle. Known for its catchy beat and simple lyrics, the song was such a big hit that got on Billboard’s Top 40 chart. By choosing that particular trending jingle, Shopee achieved more than just a single aim: they attracted the attention of the children as well. This boosted sales as children get fascinated by the jingle, this leads their parents to view Shopee and SEO leads them to Shopee’s sales platform!

Word Of Mouth

The huge traction that the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo and Baby Shark’ combination garner for Shopee is astounding. Through word of mouth, information about Shopee spreads. Cristiano Ronaldo gets spoken about, conversations eventually lead to Shopee. The catchy jingle and the successful selection of the perfect celebrity endorser resulted in a huge increase in brand awareness for Shopee.


In my opinion, I passionately feel that the Shopee x Cristiano Ronaldo ad was the best ad in 2019. What do you think? If you disagree, let me know in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “Week 4: Let’s Talk: The Shopee x Cristiano Ronaldo Ad That Trended

  1. The best advertisements are ones that are able to capture your attention from the start to the end, all while forming a deep impression of one’s business. As a student majoring in sales and marketing myself, I believe that it is importance to engage our clients/customers through the things we do; for they will come (and stay) when something we able to drive a message that strongly resonates with them. I do agree that the Shopee x Cristiano Ronaldo ad was one of the better adverts of 2019, but what about short film advertisements? I believe it is a trend nowadays for companies to utilise short films to bring a message across to their audience. Some examples may include Singapore’s telcos such as Singtel and M1, or even technology giant Apple. Although there are usually 3-4 minutes long, the first 10 seconds are enough to captivate my attention to continue watching them till the end.


  2. I believe that the Shopee x Cristiano Ronaldo ad was one of the best ads in 2019! The song ‘Baby Shark’ was indeed very catchy and easily repeats in the head. This causes many people to remember Shopee and further drive their attention to shop there. As a student majoring in marketing, I am confident that all businesses are to create some sort of Ads to promote its brand to the public to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement. This will lead to an increase in consumer traffic flow and sales growth in the long term.


  3. Hi Malcolm, came across your blogpost and I really agree that the Cristiano Ronaldo x Shopee ad was one of the best ads in 2019. Making use of the catchy ‘Baby Shark’ song and a famous soccer player that many know of really helps to expand Shopee’s targeted audience and attracts more people to shop at Shopee. As a consumer of online shopping, I have noticed that more of my friends who are fans of Cristiano Ronaldo also became interested in shopping at Shopee after this ad.


  4. WOW! This ad was in 2019? Felt like it was just a few months back (in 2020)! Anyways, yes, how can anyone forget this ad! Till this day, the song is still stuck in my head (I kid you not)! It is very insightful how you explained and breakdown the various factors that led to the success & popularity of the SHOPEE X CRISTIANO RONALDO ad! As a consumer, I wouldn’t really think about why the ad trended. However, as someone with some basic marketing knowledge, this blog post entry you have here actually educated me & open my eyes to the facts that the ad used a high profile celebrity who’s of course, very well known (even to a non-football fan here) also with the combination of the very catchy baby shark song that’s in all our heads (children & adults alike) & hence led to the ad becoming SENSATIONAL! Thank you 🙂


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